The one-stop payment platform

There are many ways 2 pay – utilize them! We offer a single a truly open platform where retailers can use any payment service there is without any limitations.


Empowering commerce


Embedded Payments

The integration of embedded payments into standard displays streamlines the payment process and reduces costs, surpassing current solutions that rely on payment terminals. What was previously tricky and expensive can now be integrated easily and quickly.


Reverse API

We’ve flipped payment integration on its head - instead of you figuring out how to incorporate a new payment system, providers can now connect to your business directly through Way2Pay’s Reverse API. Easy for them, easy for you.


Open hardware and provider options

On our truly open payment platform, retailers can choose their preferred hardware or provider independently – without being tied to a specific payment provider.


Payment Orchestration

Integrate, switch, and combine payment services in whatever way best empowers you. With payment orchestration like Way2Pay, a retailer has the freedom to switch between payment systems and methods as they please, giving them full control over their payment process.

Simplify the payment process

Our highly flexible platform focuses on your business by providing the best suitable payment methods for convenient payment processes and quick check-outs.

Simplify how you accept payments

Way2Pay allows retailers to enable any Android device to accept payments. Why bother with cumbersome integrations and legacy devices when the payment terminal is already in your pocket? We support your custom setup and simplify your payment acceptance.

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Our Story

Truly open

In today’s payment sector, meeting market trends and requirements as well as customer demands is an exhausting challenge for retailers. Plus unpredictable political and economic shifts can suddenly throw up new barriers for businesses to hurdle.
That’s why we’re convinced that the interaction between retailers and their customers must be empowered, not interrupted, by payment tech to create a thriving global economy.
While every player on the market focuses on their specialization, Way2Pay synergizes all of their strengths. Every robust and relevant point of sale, online, and mobile payment solution for retailers and their customers is now available in a single open system.

Let’s talk about your ways 2 pay